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Cross Border

Cross Border

The Selous – Niassa Miombo woodland ecosystem as a whole is the largest trans-boundary natural dry forest ecosystem in Africa covering 150,000 km2 and extends across southern Tanzania into neighbouring Mozambique. The wide variety of wildlife habitats – forests, wooded grasslands, open savannahs, granite inselbergs, seasonal and permanent wetlands and rivers – account for globally significant biodiversity. The core conservation areas for its continued existence are:

  • the Selous Game Reserve (47.000 km2) of Tanzania, UNESCO World Heritage-Site
  • the Niassa Game Reserve (42.400 km2) of Mozambique

The Selous – Niassa Wildlife Corridor provides a significant biological link between the two reserves and consequently for the Miombo woodland eco-system, thus conserving one of the largest elephant ranges in the world containing also approximately 13% of the world’s remaining wild dog population.

Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi are part of the Southern Rift Valley with dramatic views and extremely deep lakes.

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