The world becomes smaller and smaller; however, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still out-of-the-way destinations with well-preserved habitats and authentic cultures worth exploring.


Written July 2013 As a bit of an old hand on Safari I have been on a couple of dozen similar safari`s & I have been to this neck of the woods before. However this time we went to 3 lesser known parks, in a small (6) group and stayed in really rather wonderful accomodation. We also got rather lucky with the birdlife (Crested eagle,dark chanting Goshawk,Palm-nut vulture), and the mammals with the highlight of the trip being a pack of 7 African Wild-dogs!

Russel Conway, UK

Written July 2013 We saw lots of wildlife, both animals and birds, in parks which have few visitors. The accommodation is good but there are some long road journeys. A trip for people who are keen to see wildlife rather than those who want a luxury or safari and beach holiday.

James Thomson, UK

About the Remote Safari Company
In 1996 we started our safari operations around Lake Malawi. Over the years we have expanded our region till northern Tanzania. Now our safari activities cover an area from Serengeti in the North to Lake Tanganyika in the West to the southern tips of Lake Malawi and to the Indian Ocean to the East. Our main office is in Dar es Salaam and we have support offices, Lilongwe and Pemba (Mozambique).